For Pharmacies - Your advantages, our service


Your advantages

Theracavalis is in the Top 10 of over-the-counter liniments
* in Germany. By selling Theracavalis, you are putting your trust in one of the market leaders in this segment and a top selling horse ointment.

We support you with consumer information and product samples.
 You profit from:

  • Our display with high-turnover-supportive package sizes (4x600 ml jar, 8x300 ml jar and 50 free samples (á 10 ml))
  • our consistent advertising in end-customer magazines.
  • our active marketing to the target groups of 50+ and athletes (special sample sets for retirement homes and athletic clubs)
  • our sports sponsorship activities
  • a consistently dependable sales margin
  • Our 25 years of expertise with a product that demonstrably attracts satisfied customers.
  • The high quality of a pure vegetable gel, of a kind only found in pharmacies.
  • A good price-quality ratio for your customers
  • Stocking a product that you can confidently recommend

* Source: IMS figures 2011


Our service

When you are out there serving your customers on a daily basis, you need specific and to-the-point information that makes life easier. We have adapted to your needs.

For quick questions about our products or service, go to our Call-Back-Service.