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Gerhard Hormel, 61 years old

"I am a passionate hobby gardener. All year round I occupy myself with my plants, and I love my neatly kept lawn. Yet sometimes I overdo it: while digging, sowing and harvesting I feel every pressure in my back and my arms. My thigh muscles and knees can also become painful then. To remedy these age related ailments I much prefer using Theracavalis. I am convinced that the Original works. It contains only highly concentrated ingredients from nature, is of the highest quality and it can be used sparingly. The gel provides relief for my strained muscles and joints. This gives me new strength and energy."


Monika Greier, 59 years old

"Two years ago I realized my dream and bought a motorcycle. Whenever the weather permits, I’m out on the road driving around. It does my soul good. Yet sometimes it is also hard physical work. Whenever I’ve been ailed by an aching back or knees, I’ve had good experience with Theracavalis. It is a real treat after biking. The gel rubs in easily, is not sticky and even moisturizes the skin. Now I can’t even imagine my everyday life without my two types of “horse power” - on my wheels and on my skin."


Stefan Hardt, 57 years old

"Regular exercise is good for my cardiovascular system, keeps me fit and prevents future stiffness and mobility restriction. I speak from experience. Only five years ago I was a regular ‘guest’ at my orthopedist’s. A pinch in my shoulders, pain in my knees – my muscles and joints constantly hurt. My doctor prescribed physiotherapy. Then he recommended a fitness centre where I now exercise three times per week, as well as use Theracavalis! I rub on the gel twice a day. Now my knees no longer bother me."


Iris Winter, 64 years old

"Since I’ve been exercising regularly, I feel great inside my skin. However, sometimes I notice that my exercise leaves more of a mark than it used to. In particular, I have problems with my neck and shoulders. My friend recently bought me Theracavalis. At first I thought it was a joke. Yet even after the first usage I felt the soothing effect. First the gel cools refreshingly. But then it warms the muscle tissue. This relaxes me completely and puts me in a good mood. Rubbing in Theracavalis after exercise has become a lovely ritual."


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