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Ingrid Reckers, Cloppenburg

“I first heard about Theracavalis from friends who recommended it. I’ve suffered from chronic back pain in the lumbar vertebrae area ever since having disc surgery, and thus have been using your horse gel for quite a while. It has greatly relieved my pain.”


A. Boike, Bingen

“I’ve been in great pain for years (arthritis and knee pain) and a friend gave me your Theracavalis for horses. At first I laughed, but then I discovered it works!”


Anna Heus, Trier

“It was first given to me by friends who own horses, because I had complained about my joint and muscle pain. At first I thought this was a joke. But then I tried it and, believe it or not, my pain has decreased. It works!”


Franz Isselmann, Bocholt

„I swear by it!!! Several years ago, after using doctor-prescribed medications from elbow to elbow, over the neck and down the back, resulting in skin damage and cracks in my earlobes, I finally followed some advice to buy your gel. After just one week of intensive application, my ailment was gone – WITHOUT COMPLICATIONS!“


Barbara Habert, Bad Kissingen

“Thank you for this wonderful product. Your Theracavalis has helped my osteoarthritis of the knee for 20 years. Up until now I’ve been able to avoid an operation. My friend who is a rider discovered the product and recommended it to me. I wish you all the best in developing many more helpful natural products that don’t cause the usual side effects.”


Ludwig Bott, Berlin

„We are very happy with the soothing effect of your Theracavalis Gold, which we have been using for a while to relieve the age-related ailments in our joints.”




Heinrich Supplieth, Westerland

“During our stays in the Allgäu region it was recommended that we buy your product. And not just for the horses’ joints, but for ours as well! It did us good.”


Gisela Baas, Dortmund

„I want to let you know how excited I am about your Theracavalis! I suffer from quite advanced arthritis in my right shoulder and, in addition, a broken tendon. Both have caused me considerable pain. However, ever since I’ve been applying Theracavalis daily, I have been doing much better. I can once again drive effortlessly as well as type and write, etc. I am almost pain free and can sleep through the night. I recommend Theracavalis to anyone who suffers from arthritis. I apply a thick layer of the gel in the mornings and evenings and let it soak right in."


Anneliese Wibrow, Hamburg

“We’re not horses and don’t own any either, but rubbing on Theracavalis helps my husband with his hip arthritis and me with the pain in my leg after a herniated disk.”


Augustyn Piechaczek, Bytom, Polen

“I thank you, dear Dr. Jacoby, ... your invention brings me much joy... I have applied Theracavalis to both my thigh muscles, and walking down the street no longer causes me pain.”


Kathrin Lutz, Augsburg

“I must let you know of my enthusiasm for your products. Everything that you produce is great. Your products are, unfortunately, somewhat expensive, but of high quality and can be used sparingly.”


Ludwig Knieper, Fürstenberg

“For some time I have been using Theracavalis for my osteoarthritis of the knee and must praise you for your product. After rubbing it on in the morning I feel no more discomfort.”


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