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Designed for horses - discovered for people!



For more flexibility and fitness – made with a traditional formula.

Theracavalis – a premium care product for application after physical exertion, sports activities, muscle tension and other problems of the locomotor system.

Nothing has a more soothing effect on the body than this gel, with its unique blend of highly effective natural ingredients - one that has not only been tried and tested but is also the first of its kind to have been patented (Patented in 1984 for 20 Years).

The gel works with a two-phase effect to energize tired and sore musculature. The choice, high potency ingredients involved do not come cheaply, for they invigorate the body and senses in a most unique way.

Such know-how has a long tradition: Theracavalis’ origins lie in the equestrian sports, bringing good health to strained horse legs and exhausted riders. That tradition is still being cultivated today. Our company’s main concern has always been to provide good and proper horse care based on know-how that is unmatched by any other seller of similar products. Trust in the Original.


2-Phase Effect

Doktor Jacobys Theracavalis with the two-phase effect.


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Success has a history

For horses developed, discovered for humans- The success story of Doktor Jacobys Theracavalis.


Patented Quality

(Patented in 1984 for 20 Years)

High quality natural products in a balanced formula


Our philosophy

Always one step ahead: More health and care for humans and horses.


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Success story

For horses developed, people discovered - The success story of Doktor Jacobys Theracavalis.


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