Distinctiveness through a two-phase effect


Doktor Jacobys Theracavalis

Its two-phase effect makes Theracavalis as distinctive as gold.

During the first phase the gel gives a cooling effect - long-lasting and soothing.

This is followed in phase two by a pleasant warming effect. 

Cooling and warming are the classic treatment for sore muscles, tendons and joints.

After physical activity the tissue can swell slightly. Cooling it down alleviates this.

Applying heat next is an ideal way to soothe muscle and joint pain. Heat promotes the blood circulation and stimulates the metabolism. The musculature also relaxes.

Theracavalis Gold unifies both effects through optimized timing. In this way, the entire locomotor system gets relaxed, regenerated and activated.


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Success story

For horses developed, people discovered - The success story of Doktor Jacobys Theracavalis.


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