Always one step ahead: „More health and care for humans and horses“

Theracavalis is a gel developed for horses that seems like it was also made to order for humans. The success of this product is closely related to the philosophy of its parent company, leovet Dr. Jacoby GmbH & Co. KG, who still are at the forefront of developing new products for equestrian sports [].

It has always been with great conviction that Dr. Ulf Jacoby has developed products which support health and well-being, for both horses and humans.

The driving force behind more than 40 product developments in horse care since 1982 has been keen observation, assessment of needs, and the development of products that suit both horse and rider.

Development, production and improvement of care products for horses and humans are at the core of our enterprise and serve as its main concern.



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Success story

For horses developed, people discovered - The success story of Doktor Jacobys Theracavalis.


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