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(Patented in 1984 for 20 Years)


High quality natural products in a balanced formula

Original Theracavalis Gold contains high-dosage Arnica and rosemary extracts, as well as essential mint oil (menthol) and camphor. Arnica and rosemary invigorate and relax. They increase the sense of well-being and the motivation to perform. All raw materials used are of pharmacopoeian quality, and meet the highest of standards. In order to secure production at this level, the plant extracts are won using an intricate in situ process. First, the plants must be dried. Then, the water soluble, active ingredients are extracted from the plants. This process requires both time and experience, as the extracts must be obtained very carefully. Squeezing out the solvents makes the ingredients more concentrated, resulting in a liquid extract. In contrast to other alcohol based products, gels or ointments, Theracavalis is embedded in a stable gel matrix. This makes for a long-lasting effect and easy application. The skin thus remains moisturized for quite some time. Trust our Original not to get sticky or staining.


Theracavalis is the only liniment ever to be patented (Patented in 1984 for 20 Years).

In terms of value for money, Theracavalis is at the top. Cheaper products cannot afford such a costly production process. Quality does come at a price. Our satisfied customers echo this: “Whenever my muscles are tense or sore, I simply use Theracavalis, from Pharmacist Dr. Jacoby.”

[Hildegard Fries, Wendeburg]

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