Success Story


Developed for horses - discovered for humans.

The success story of Theracavalis began in 1984. Pharmacist Dr. Ulf Jacoby of Lahnau, an enthusiastic horseman himself, developed a gel for sporting horses in order to promote recovery after tough leg work.

The success was enormous. The product that had been developed for horses, using high-quality ingredients selected to pharmacopeia standards, soon got discovered by riders for themselves. They applied it to relieve tensions and aching muscles. And not only that: they also recommended their ‘horse gel’ to others. It became a secret remedy. So, in order to make the product more accessible to humans, in 2004 Theracavalis was also introduced into pharmacies.

Through its special formulation and selection of ingredients to pharmacopea standards, Theracavalis has served as a top-quality product for over 25 years, effective on both horses and humans. Arnica, menthol and camphor invigorate, relax and serve as a boon to the whole body and musculature.

Today the gel doesn’t just play a role in equestrian sports when there are ailments of the locomotor system. Even athletes would not think of compeeting without Theracavalis.

All of them trust in the long experience of a company that continues its tradition of producing high-quality and effective horse-care products - and ones that can also be prescribed for people.


Dr. Ulf Jacoby, Developer of Doktor Jacobys Theracavalis


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Success story

For horses developed, people discovered - The success story of Doktor Jacobys Theracavalis.


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